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  1. Obrigado Revolutionn era arquivo não compativel mesmo estou usando Data+Hexed 2010-10-09 tudo perfeito. Pode Fecha tópico... *challange*
  2. Não sei fala muito bem qual e da pasta Data mas Hexed acho que e esse ai : Estava seguindo esse tutorial aqui : Descupe não saber correto quais são // Copyright © Athena Dev Teams - Licensed under GNU GPL // For more information, see LICENCE in the main folder #ifndef _MMO_H_ #define _MMO_H_ #include "cbasetypes.h" #include <time.h> // server->client protocol version // 0 - pre-? // 1 - ? - 0x196 // 2 - ? - 0x78, 0x79 // 3 - ? - 0x1c8, 0x1c9, 0x1de // 4 - ? - 0x1d7, 0x1d8, 0x1d9, 0x1da // 5 - 2003-12-18aSakexe+ - 0x1ee, 0x1ef, 0x1f0, ?0x1c4, 0x1c5? // 6 - 2004-03-02aSakexe+ - 0x1f4, 0x1f5 // 7 - 2005-04-11aSakexe+ - 0x229, 0x22a, 0x22b, 0x22c // 20061023 - 2006-10-23aSakexe+ - 0x6b, 0x6d // 20070521 - 2007-05-21aSakexe+ - 0x283 // 20070821 - 2007-08-21aSakexe+ - 0x2c5 // 20070918 - 2007-09-18aSakexe+ - 0x2d7, 0x2d9, 0x2da // 20071106 - 2007-11-06aSakexe+ - 0x78, 0x7c, 0x22c // 20081126 - 2008-11-26aSakexe+ - 0x1a2 // 20090408 - 2009-04-08aSakexe+ - 0x44a (dont use as it overlaps with RE client packets) // 20080827 - 2008-08-27aRagexeRE+ - First RE Client // 20081217 - 2008-12-17aRagexeRE+ - 0x6d (Note: This one still use old Char Info Packet Structure) // 20081218 - 2008-12-17bRagexeRE+ - 0x6d (Note: From this one client use new Char Info Packet Structure) // 20090603 - 2009-06-03aRagexeRE+ - 0x7d7, 0x7d8, 0x7d9, 0x7da // 20090617 - 2009-06-17aRagexeRE+ - 0x7d9 // 20090922 - 2009-09-22aRagexeRE+ - 0x7e5, 0x7e7, 0x7e8, 0x7e9 // 20091103 - 2009-11-03aRagexeRE+ - 0x7f7, 0x7f8, 0x7f9 // 20100105 - 2010-01-05aRagexeRE+ - 0x133, 0x800, 0x801 // 20100223 - 2010-02-23aRagexeRE+ - 0x80f #ifndef PACKETVER //#define PACKETVER 20081126 #define PACKETVER 20090922 #endif // backward compatible PACKETVER 8 and 9 #if PACKETVER == 8 #undef PACKETVER #define PACKETVER 20070521 #endif #if PACKETVER == 9 #undef PACKETVER #define PACKETVER 20071106 #endif #define FIFOSIZE_SERVERLINK 256*1024 //Remove/Comment this line to disable sc_data saving. [skotlex] #define ENABLE_SC_SAVING //Remove/Comment this line to disable server-side hot-key saving support [skotlex] //Note that newer clients no longer save hotkeys in the registry! #define HOTKEY_SAVING //The number is the max number of hotkeys to save #if PACKETVER < 20090603 // (27 = 9 skills x 3 bars) (0x02b9,191) #define MAX_HOTKEYS 27 #elif PACKETVER < 20090617 // (36 = 9 skills x 4 bars) (0x07d9,254) #define MAX_HOTKEYS 36 #else // (38 = 9 skills x 4 bars & 2 Quickslots)(0x07d9,268) #define MAX_HOTKEYS 38 #endif #define MAX_MAP_PER_SERVER 1500 // Increased to allow creation of Instance Maps #define MAX_INVENTORY 100 //Max number of characters per account. Note that changing this setting alone is not enough if the client is not hexed to support more characters as well. #define MAX_CHARS 12 //Number of slots carded equipment can have. Never set to less than 4 as they are also used to keep the data of forged items/equipment. [skotlex] //Note: The client seems unable to receive data for more than 4 slots due to all related packets having a fixed size. #define MAX_SLOTS 4 //Max amount of a single stacked item #define MAX_AMOUNT 30000 #define MAX_ZENY 2000000000 #define MAX_FAME 1000000000 #define MAX_CART 100 #define MAX_SKILL 1020 #define GLOBAL_REG_NUM 256 #define ACCOUNT_REG_NUM 64 #define ACCOUNT_REG2_NUM 16 //Should hold the max of GLOBAL/ACCOUNT/ACCOUNT2 (needed for some arrays that hold all three) #define MAX_REG_NUM 96 #define DEFAULT_WALK_SPEED 150 #define MIN_WALK_SPEED 0 #define MAX_WALK_SPEED 1000 #define MAX_STORAGE 1200 #define MAX_GUILD_STORAGE 2000 #define MAX_PARTY 12 #define MAX_GUILD 16+10*6 // increased max guild members +6 per 1 extension levels [Lupus] #define MAX_GUILDPOSITION 20 // increased max guild positions to accomodate for all members [Valaris] (removed) [PoW] #define MAX_GUILDEXPULSION 32 #define MAX_GUILDALLIANCE 16 #define MAX_GUILDSKILL 15 // increased max guild skills because of new skills [sara-chan] #define MAX_GUILDCASTLE 34 // Updated to include new entries for WoE:SE. [L0ne_W0lf] #define MAX_GUILDLEVEL 50 #define MAX_GUARDIANS 8 //Local max per castle. [skotlex] #define MAX_QUEST_DB 1500 //Max quests that the server will load #define MAX_QUEST_OBJECTIVES 3 //Max quest objectives for a quest #define MIN_HAIR_STYLE battle_config.min_hair_style #define MAX_HAIR_STYLE battle_config.max_hair_style #define MIN_HAIR_COLOR battle_config.min_hair_color #define MAX_HAIR_COLOR battle_config.max_hair_color #define MIN_CLOTH_COLOR battle_config.min_cloth_color #define MAX_CLOTH_COLOR battle_config.max_cloth_color // for produce #define MIN_ATTRIBUTE 0 #define MAX_ATTRIBUTE 4 #define ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL 0 #define MIN_STAR 0 #define MAX_STAR 3 #define MAX_STATUS_TYPE 5 #define WEDDING_RING_M 2634 #define WEDDING_RING_F 2635 //For character names, title names, guilds, maps, etc. //Includes null-terminator as it is the length of the array. #define NAME_LENGTH (23 + 1) //For item names, which tend to have much longer names. #define ITEM_NAME_LENGTH 50 //For Map Names, which the client considers to be 16 in length including the .gat extension #define MAP_NAME_LENGTH (11 + 1) #define MAP_NAME_LENGTH_EXT (MAP_NAME_LENGTH + 4) #define MAX_FRIENDS 40 #define MAX_MEMOPOINTS 3 //Size of the fame list arrays. #define MAX_FAME_LIST 10 //Limits to avoid ID collision with other game objects #define START_ACCOUNT_NUM 2000000 #define END_ACCOUNT_NUM 100000000 #define START_CHAR_NUM 150000 //Base Homun skill. #define HM_SKILLBASE 8001 #define MAX_HOMUNSKILL 16 #define MAX_HOMUNCULUS_CLASS 16 //[orn] #define HM_CLASS_BASE 6001 #define HM_CLASS_MAX (HM_CLASS_BASE+MAX_HOMUNCULUS_CLASS-1) //Mail System #define MAIL_MAX_INBOX 30 #define MAIL_TITLE_LENGTH 40 #define MAIL_BODY_LENGTH 200 //Mercenary System #define MC_SKILLBASE 8201 #define MAX_MERCSKILL 37 #define MAX_MERCENARY_CLASS 36 #define MIN_ID_MERC 6017 #define MAX_ID_MERC 6046 enum item_types { IT_HEALING = 0, IT_UNKNOWN, //1 IT_USABLE, //2 IT_ETC, //3 IT_WEAPON, //4 IT_ARMOR, //5 IT_CARD, //6 IT_PETEGG, //7 IT_PETARMOR,//8 IT_UNKNOWN2,//9 IT_AMMO, //10 IT_DELAYCONSUME,//11 IT_MAX }; //Questlog system [Kevin] [inkfish] typedef enum quest_state { Q_INACTIVE, Q_ACTIVE, Q_COMPLETE } quest_state; struct quest { int quest_id; unsigned int time; int count[MAX_QUEST_OBJECTIVES]; quest_state state; }; struct item { int id; short nameid; short amount; unsigned short equip; // location(s) where item is equipped (using enum equip_pos for bitmasking) char identify; char refine; char attribute; short card[MAX_SLOTS]; unsigned int expire_time; }; struct point { unsigned short map; short x,y; }; struct s_skill { unsigned short id,lv,flag; }; struct global_reg { char str[32]; char value[256]; }; //Holds array of global registries, used by the char server and converter. struct accreg { int account_id, char_id; int reg_num; struct global_reg reg[MAX_REG_NUM]; }; //For saving status changes across sessions. [skotlex] struct status_change_data { unsigned short type; //SC_type long val1, val2, val3, val4, tick; //Remaining duration. }; struct storage_data { int storage_amount; struct item items[MAX_STORAGE]; }; struct guild_storage { int dirty; int guild_id; short storage_status; short storage_amount; struct item storage_[MAX_GUILD_STORAGE]; }; struct s_pet { int account_id; int char_id; int pet_id; short class_; short level; short egg_id;//pet egg id short equip;//pet equip name_id short intimate;//pet friendly short hungry;//pet hungry char name[NAME_LENGTH]; char rename_flag; char incuvate; }; struct s_homunculus { //[orn] char name[NAME_LENGTH]; int hom_id; int char_id; short class_; int hp,max_hp,sp,max_sp; unsigned int intimacy; //[orn] short hunger; struct s_skill hskill[MAX_HOMUNSKILL]; //albator short skillpts; short level; unsigned int exp; short rename_flag; short vaporize; //albator int str ; int agi ; int vit ; int int_ ; int dex ; int luk ; }; struct s_mercenary { int mercenary_id; int char_id; short class_; int hp, sp; unsigned int kill_count; unsigned int life_time; }; struct s_friend { int account_id; int char_id; char name[NAME_LENGTH]; }; #ifdef HOTKEY_SAVING struct hotkey { unsigned int id; unsigned short lv; unsigned char type; // 0: item, 1: skill }; #endif struct mmo_charstatus { int char_id; int account_id; int partner_id; int father; int mother; int child; unsigned int base_exp,job_exp; int zeny; short class_; unsigned int status_point,skill_point; int hp,max_hp,sp,max_sp; unsigned int option; short manner; unsigned char karma; short hair,hair_color,clothes_color; int party_id,guild_id,pet_id,hom_id,mer_id; int fame; // Mercenary Guilds Rank int arch_faith, arch_calls; int spear_faith, spear_calls; int sword_faith, sword_calls; short weapon; // enum weapon_type short shield; // view-id short head_top,head_mid,head_bottom; char name[NAME_LENGTH]; unsigned int base_level,job_level; short str,agi,vit,int_,dex,luk; unsigned char slot,sex; uint32 mapip; uint16 mapport; struct point last_point,save_point,memo_point[MAX_MEMOPOINTS]; struct item inventory[MAX_INVENTORY],cart[MAX_CART]; struct storage_data storage; struct s_skill skill[MAX_SKILL]; struct s_friend friends[MAX_FRIENDS]; //New friend system [skotlex] #ifdef HOTKEY_SAVING struct hotkey hotkeys[MAX_HOTKEYS]; #endif bool show_equip; short rename; }; typedef enum mail_status { MAIL_NEW, MAIL_UNREAD, MAIL_READ, } mail_status; struct mail_message { unsigned int id; int send_id; char send_name[NAME_LENGTH]; int dest_id; char dest_name[NAME_LENGTH]; char title[MAIL_TITLE_LENGTH]; char body[MAIL_BODY_LENGTH]; mail_status status; time_t timestamp; // marks when the message was sent int zeny; struct item item; }; struct mail_data { short amount; bool full; short unchecked, unread; struct mail_message msg[MAIL_MAX_INBOX]; }; struct auction_data { unsigned int auction_id; int seller_id; char seller_name[NAME_LENGTH]; int buyer_id; char buyer_name[NAME_LENGTH]; struct item item; // This data is required for searching, as itemdb is not read by char server char item_name[iTEM_NAME_LENGTH]; short type; unsigned short hours; int price, buynow; time_t timestamp; // auction's end time int auction_end_timer; }; struct registry { int global_num; struct global_reg global[GLOBAL_REG_NUM]; int account_num; struct global_reg account[ACCOUNT_REG_NUM]; int account2_num; struct global_reg account2[ACCOUNT_REG2_NUM]; }; struct party_member { int account_id; int char_id; char name[NAME_LENGTH]; unsigned short class_; unsigned short map; unsigned short lv; unsigned leader : 1, online : 1; }; struct party { int party_id; char name[NAME_LENGTH]; unsigned char count; //Count of online characters. unsigned exp : 1, item : 2; //&1: Party-Share (round-robin), &2: pickup style: shared. struct party_member member[MAX_PARTY]; }; struct map_session_data; struct guild_member { int account_id, char_id; short hair,hair_color,gender,class_,lv; uint64 exp; int exp_payper; short online,position; char name[NAME_LENGTH]; struct map_session_data *sd; unsigned char modified; }; struct guild_position { char name[NAME_LENGTH]; int mode; int exp_mode; unsigned char modified; }; struct guild_alliance { int opposition; int guild_id; char name[NAME_LENGTH]; }; struct guild_expulsion { char name[NAME_LENGTH]; char mes[40]; int account_id; }; struct guild_skill { int id,lv; }; struct guild { int guild_id; short guild_lv, connect_member, max_member, average_lv; unsigned int exp,next_exp; int skill_point; char name[NAME_LENGTH],master[NAME_LENGTH]; struct guild_member member[MAX_GUILD]; struct guild_position position[MAX_GUILDPOSITION]; char mes1[60],mes2[120]; int emblem_len,emblem_id; char emblem_data[2048]; struct guild_alliance alliance[MAX_GUILDALLIANCE]; struct guild_expulsion expulsion[MAX_GUILDEXPULSION]; struct guild_skill skill[MAX_GUILDSKILL]; unsigned short save_flag; // for TXT saving }; struct guild_castle { int castle_id; int mapindex; char castle_name[NAME_LENGTH]; char castle_event[NAME_LENGTH]; int guild_id; int economy; int defense; int triggerE; int triggerD; int nextTime; int payTime; int createTime; int visibleC; struct { unsigned visible : 1; int id; // object id } guardian[MAX_GUARDIANS]; int* temp_guardians; // ids of temporary guardians (mobs) int temp_guardians_max; }; // for Brandish Spear calculations struct square { int val1[5]; int val2[5]; }; struct fame_list { int id; int fame; char name[NAME_LENGTH]; }; enum { GBI_EXP =1, // ギルドのEXP GBI_GUILDLV, // ギルドのLv GBI_SKILLPOINT, // ギルドのスキルポイント GBI_SKILLLV, // ギルドスキルLv }; enum { GMI_POSITION =0, // メンバーの役職変更 GMI_EXP, GMI_HAIR, GMI_HAIR_COLOR, GMI_GENDER, GMI_CLASS, GMI_LEVEL, }; enum { GD_SKILLBASE=10000, GD_APPROVAL=10000, GD_KAFRACONTRACT=10001, GD_GUARDRESEARCH=10002, GD_GUARDUP=10003, GD_EXTENSION=10004, GD_GLORYGUILD=10005, GD_LEADERSHIP=10006, GD_GLORYWOUNDS=10007, GD_SOULCOLD=10008, GD_HAWKEYES=10009, GD_BATTLEORDER=10010, GD_REGENERATION=10011, GD_RESTORE=10012, GD_EMERGENCYCALL=10013, GD_DEVELOPMENT=10014, }; //These mark the ID of the jobs, as expected by the client. [skotlex] enum { JOB_NOVICE, JOB_SWORDMAN, JOB_MAGE, JOB_ARCHER, JOB_ACOLYTE, JOB_MERCHANT, JOB_THIEF, JOB_KNIGHT, JOB_PRIEST, JOB_WIZARD, JOB_BLACKSMITH, JOB_HUNTER, JOB_ASSASSIN, JOB_KNIGHT2, JOB_CRUSADER, JOB_MONK, JOB_SAGE, JOB_ROGUE, JOB_ALCHEMIST, JOB_BARD, JOB_DANCER, JOB_CRUSADER2, JOB_WEDDING, JOB_SUPER_NOVICE, JOB_GUNSLINGER, JOB_NINJA, JOB_XMAS, JOB_SUMMER, JOB_MAX_BASIC, JOB_NOVICE_HIGH = 4001, JOB_SWORDMAN_HIGH, JOB_MAGE_HIGH, JOB_ARCHER_HIGH, JOB_ACOLYTE_HIGH, JOB_MERCHANT_HIGH, JOB_THIEF_HIGH, JOB_LORD_KNIGHT, JOB_HIGH_PRIEST, JOB_HIGH_WIZARD, JOB_WHITESMITH, JOB_SNIPER, JOB_ASSASSIN_CROSS, JOB_LORD_KNIGHT2, JOB_PALADIN, JOB_CHAMPION, JOB_PROFESSOR, JOB_STALKER, JOB_CREATOR, JOB_CLOWN, JOB_GYPSY, JOB_PALADIN2, JOB_BABY, JOB_BABY_SWORDMAN, JOB_BABY_MAGE, JOB_BABY_ARCHER, JOB_BABY_ACOLYTE, JOB_BABY_MERCHANT, JOB_BABY_THIEF, JOB_BABY_KNIGHT, JOB_BABY_PRIEST, JOB_BABY_WIZARD, JOB_BABY_BLACKSMITH, JOB_BABY_HUNTER, JOB_BABY_ASSASSIN, JOB_BABY_KNIGHT2, JOB_BABY_CRUSADER, JOB_BABY_MONK, JOB_BABY_SAGE, JOB_BABY_ROGUE, JOB_BABY_ALCHEMIST, JOB_BABY_BARD, JOB_BABY_DANCER, JOB_BABY_CRUSADER2, JOB_SUPER_BABY, JOB_TAEKWON, JOB_STAR_GLADIATOR, JOB_STAR_GLADIATOR2, JOB_SOUL_LINKER, JOB_MAX, }; enum { SEX_FEMALE = 0, SEX_MALE, SEX_SERVER }; // sanity checks... #if MAX_ZENY > INT_MAX #error MAX_ZENY is too big #endif #endif /* _MMO_H_ */
  3. Boa noite pessoal espero ajuda de vocês que são mas fodas, gostaria de saber poque esta dando esse erro meu serve : Emulador cronus 2980 Segue Link : http://tinypic.com/r/34eu4x1/8
  4. Amigo olha uma coisa, pode ser isso toda vez que você Adicionar um cunstom item tem que colocar uma virgula no penúltimo item ou linha ACCESSORY_IDs.ACCESSORY_ASAS_CELESTIAIS] = "_asas_celestiais", ASSIM SÓ NO PENÚLTIMO CUNSTOM OU LINHA DO CUNSTOM e depois e so compilar
  5. Olá pessoal é porque estou montando meu Patch de ragnarok. gostaria de um pouco de informação sobre as " pasta Ai,AI_sakray é System aonde baixar, é para que servem, como sabe se e compativel com meu patch. gostaria de saber se tem que configura algo nelas. quero sabe maximo que eu puder sobre elas, já dei uma procurada e não achei quase nada não deu para tirar minhas duvidas *LOL* espero ter postado no local correto sou novo pesso descupas *megusta*
  6. Olá venho aqui pedir informações sobre como hospeda meu serve, oque e preciso para coloca online, quanto vou paga, qual e melhor site para hospeda meu servido. quero coloca meu serve online para todos jogarem quem pode me ajuda falando dicas de como hospeda pode fala comigo pelo "facebook"
  7. Não deu certo olha print ai, agora ta aparecendo Efeito de outra Skill .
  8. Slicer, deu certo do jeito que você falou, mas queria sabe se tem como da efeito sem fica nome dedicação igual ta na Print ai
  9. Boa tarde ! Bom sou novo aqui Fórum queria pedir ajuda, como coloca efeito da Skill Dedicação ID 357 nos amuletos exemplo : Amuleto_da_Fraternidade, para quando equipa e desequipar Qual quer item ele da efeito para fica piscando, quando troca qualquer equipe ou item exemplo : Asa , Elmo, Arma Etc ... Eu coloquei assim mas não deu certo só da Skill mas não pisca quando troca item´s, 20565,Amuleto_da_Fraternidade,Amuleto_da_Fraternidade,5,0,0,10,10,10,0,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,136,,1,1,746,{ skill 357,10; },{},{}
  10. Seja bem-vindo ao Cronus-Emulator, macielmatias :)

Seja bem vindo ao Cronus-Emulator.
É sempre um prazer te-lo conosco.
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